Neck of the woods where my e-govern
Meant to survive in the Wild—
When we want money for means . . .
They make it for lifestyle.
Running in circles is traveling
Time—ticking in rhymes—
From poets that prophesy mine,
Money is fine
‘Til it’s a fine—
For the pouring of wine—
Who is divine?
Let’s talk about life
Raisin’ our wages is better than
Payin’ off loans that we hand out,
And with interest I study a lo(w)t
Into the woods where I start—(go!)
Green trees feel free
For the climate—Change is a fee,
As in growing a jungle or tendin’ a garden
With plenty of rain, but who holds the reigns of the market?
Consumers, the capital target,
The bull’s eye is logged so I mark-it in
Specs on the blueprint—I bought it—
If only this money could save us from debt
Makin’ a livin’ to death
Maybe a body for breath
Raisin’ a kingdom for bread
So we can share livin’ instead—

About the Author

Simeon Walther has eclectic range of writing content. He has a clever and concise way of synthesizing complex ideas around a common theme. In his short stories, Simeon adds an introspective lens to commonplace experiences. His style of writing is not only intriguing but thought provoking as well. Ultimately, his work aims to pave the way for the reader to reflect on society and their place in it.

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