Inklings is a literary magazine that was established in 1966 and continues to be housed under the English Department at Eastern University. Inklings posts blogs regularly to keep the public informed about our endeavors. This year, Inklings is striving to break more into the literary atmosphere by opening submissions past solely students at Eastern University.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us! 


The overall mission of Inklings is to publish and share creative work with the Eastern University community and beyond. Our goal is to publish unique and diverse voices and visions through the following mediums: prose (fiction or nonfiction), poetry, art, and photography. Inklings not only strives to publish and share work that meets specific craft qualifications, but work that moves the soul and reflects the visions of the current EIC and Managing Editor. 

Inklings also strives to create a safe space for all communities, especially marginalized writers. This includes in print, online, and in person meetings. To make Inklings the best that it can possibly be, it can only do so if it reflects inclusivity, diversity, and sensitivity towards certain issues and topics.

Let’s build something together.