Spring 2022

Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Thank you for picking up this issue of Inklings. These past few years, university students have had to deal with so much uncertainty and transformation as the pandemic has created an environment of changing restrictions and constantly shifting stressors. For many of us, the world does not feel like a friendly place right now; wars rage in countries just a click away, and our country has become more and more divided, not less.

Amid all of this, though, there is still art.

I believe that art can change the world. It can change people’s hearts, give rise to new thoughts, create dialogue, open eyes. Even now, perhaps especially now, we need art, and we need artists. We live in a beautiful, broken world, and yet, art can be a guide for us. A compass, if you will. As I edited this issue, I found that many of the pieces reflected on a sense of place, whether that place is an airport in Paris, a clearing in the words, a mythical city, or a trailer in North Carolina. I wanted to honor that sense of place, especially when it’s so easy to feel uprooted and disconnected. Art brings us together in these places, and it can point us back to the world we find so wonderful and wounding.

By taking the time to peruse the contents of these pages, you can partake in the art of undergraduate students who took the time out of their busy schedules to make something beautiful and thoughtful. Your support can encourage these artists, many of whom are just starting to build their portfolios and publications. Who knows where they’ll go? This is just the beginning for many of them, and Inklings is honored to be a part of their journey.


Megan Mahoney

2021-22 Editor in Chief

2021-2022 MASTHEAD

Megan Mahoney

2021-2022 Editor-in-Chief


goddesses│Sophia Hunter

Laundry: A Sijo│Sarah Meldrum

Liminal│Laurel Marchaven

Villanelle │Laurel Marchaven

Kallipolis I│Laurel Marchaven

Crush: Revised│Laurel Marchaven

The Rescuer │Lauren Amico

Clarity│Lauren Amico

Time│Simeon Walther

Eco│Simeon Walther

The Architect│Simeon Walther

Lessons from Cedar│Kelli Lage

My Last Tennis Match│Kelli Lage

Cyberspace│Kelli Lage

My Head is Full of Color │Martina Lewis-Mitchell

Creative Nonfiction

Lima Beans │Martina Lewis-Mitchell

Trapped in Paris │Aleah Zubrod