Birthday Wishes

You bow your head down to blow out the candles. Close your eyes, count to ten.   The backs of your eyelids are the color of the orange flames that waver as you pucker your lips.   You start to wish for the same thing you have every year, someone you can call yours.   [...]

If I Were a Color

If you ever paint me, paint me in a storm. Streak my memory across the swirling sky like streaks of flashing lightning. Let my echoing be painted as the rain that runs upon their rooftops. I have felt like a day without a sunset. I am the wailing of an untouched canvas. My heartbeat reminds me of [...]

Man of The Woods

I set upon the earth my sight. Curious to its horizon, eager to its peaks. I watched a sunset from far away, but it was snatched from me by the sounds of a crying man.   A man built like boulders, shoulders wide. His chest forged from steel and stone. His hands were the width [...]

Nature is a Church

  Nature is a church.  The sun shines its glorious rays,  Light cascading down on the Earth,  Like the harmonies of angels.   Nature is a church.  The trees stand in ancient worship,  Their limbs a steeple  That can only be observed in awe and wonder.    Nature is a church.  Her soil is sacred [...]

Morning in Fairyland

Dew glistened on fine harp strings. Sun shone off white hair and pale skin. Music flew from fingertips. Trees sway in rhythm like a dance. Jewels sparkle like drops of moonlight. Pure notes escape ruby lips. Birds flock in the green canopy of trees, at the chime of a bell, the music stops.   All [...]

in the morning, love

turn on the grateful dead. & twist your hair into braids.  lace up your boots,  eye your fuzzy unshaven legs,  love yourself a little bit more in that moment.  glance at your tattoo, a reminder to take life as it comes.  reflect on the difficulties you have overcome,  love yourself a little bit more in [...]

An Apology To My Bathroom 

Sorry. A five letter word.A word that can be used as glue to mend a broken promise. That can make you think that a wrong has been righted,because with just a single sorry everything is right back to how it was. Forgetting that there ever was a cause,entering a new phase like Dorothy in the wizard of [...]

Inklings and COVID-19 Update

Dear Readers & Supporters of Inklings, We hope you are doing well amid this turbulent and rapidly changing time. Due to the spread of COVID-19, Eastern University has moved classes online and had asked students to leave the campus unless there were extenuating circumstances preventing them from doing so. There are more detailed updates available [...]

Insights on Submission

by Megan MahoneyFebruary 8, 2020 Eastern’s Inklings Literary Magazine is currently open to submissions! Not only are we open to undergraduate students from Eastern, but this year, we’re also accepting work from all undergraduates. Interested in submitting? We’re open until March 13th, so just follow this link: Meanwhile, here are some tips and tricks to make [...]