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Laundry: A Sijo

Peel back her cheeks, that film, inside out to keep the color from fading. Clip her fingernails to the line, arms proffered from post to post. In this way, even within gale, she is submitted to Apollo About the Author Sarah is fond of tea, books, and plants. She is a freshman at Eastern University [...]


The smudged sky is a slick acrylic handswipe  Its color not quite purple, not quite gray, not quite blue  It’s the lone dazed March in clothes that are not quite warm enough.  I almost shiver.  By now, the path begins to light up from glistening lampposts,  Leaning in. Do you have a secret for me?  [...]


A hefty sum was paid for such small things  A vendor’s credit cracks when his lot’s sold It was then I learned that this love has strings  In bargain, as ants, with a tyrant king He offers kind chains for my slavish soul A hefty sum was paid for such small things  When radiant kisses [...]

Kallipolis I

I was born in the city ornamented by stories  Every perfect, pious man stitched into a tapestry folded over my childhood bed  I lapped up stories of good men,  carved them into my belt,sharpened them into my sword  When anger and fear pulled my spine,I learned what my city never taught:  a hero is not [...]

Crush: Revised

What would they say if they knew  I stare at you across the pew  You beam so bright in Sunday Best  You look so lovely in that  suit  Your southern accent sweet and strong  Your curly hair so red and  short  We passed the noisy evening hours  With earthly talk of homework flowers  Pistal, stamen, [...]

The Rescuer

All this noise Cannot keep poise Of who I am and me Dancing through The pain, the travesty Only back to feeling lonely Where was I taught To hide such parts of me Where was I fought In this ever changing pain and me For if I do not figure this out There will be [...]


It’s scary there I would not share The battle between me and you But God tells me it’s okay Not here to stay But growing, showing more of you It is not true What lives in you If only you knew If only you grew Help along the way For what you would say Makes [...]


Time is a form of measurementA scale of days and nightsThat passes with the seasonsReference dates for reasons—Treatises and treasonsPassing, neverlasting, into everlastingCasting chronological crowns to kings thatMark moments of strife that redefine strivingFor gold and growing older…Aging and raging, time dies and revivesCuts ties and binds, in a ring that lastsForever for the promise [...]