The Architect

Good fences make good neighbors,
changing rangers into strangers
taking land for freedom’s sake
forsaken dreams we all partake
to buy back the hope that was stolen by greed;
the needy are needed by American dreamers
but cast aside as weary lemurs
jumping from branch to branch
to escape the cougars that scour the land below
for any creature that searches for home
in the city jungle; where society is built,
but citizens crumble—
underneath the weighted greed or apathy
of buildings scraping the sky,
pent up in houses that were never a home,
trapped in a complex with nowhere to roam,
ringing doorbells and riding elevators
between the walls of next door neighbors,
wondering where imagination died,
deciding to watch a movie rather than looking outside,
living between the hallway and home,
hoping that freedom has somewhere to sow
on soil better than concrete and steel
that turn fences into walls
and walls into boxes
breaking the bind of the people to Progress. . .

About the Author

Simeon Walther has eclectic range of writing content. He has a clever and concise way of synthesizing complex ideas around a common theme. In his short stories, Simeon adds an introspective lens to commonplace experiences. His style of writing is not only intriguing but thought provoking as well. Ultimately, his work aims to pave the way for the reader to reflect on society and their place in it.

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