Birthday Wishes

You bow your head down to blow out the candles. Close your eyes, count to ten.   The backs of your eyelids are the color of the orange flames that waver as you pucker your lips.   You start to wish for the same thing you have every year, someone you can call yours.   [...]

Man of The Woods

I set upon the earth my sight. Curious to its horizon, eager to its peaks. I watched a sunset from far away, but it was snatched from me by the sounds of a crying man.   A man built like boulders, shoulders wide. His chest forged from steel and stone. His hands were the width [...]

Morning in Fairyland

Dew glistened on fine harp strings. Sun shone off white hair and pale skin. Music flew from fingertips. Trees sway in rhythm like a dance. Jewels sparkle like drops of moonlight. Pure notes escape ruby lips. Birds flock in the green canopy of trees, at the chime of a bell, the music stops.   All [...]

So Long

Thorny briars kiss her Ankles glazed in radiant ichor.  Nutmeg and honey, Clover and thyme, her mother’s nectar-sweet tears Puddling on the peak of Olympus tug On her tongue as the pomegranate bursts Across her lips.  A sleepy bliss Lulled by warm pine Whispers in her ear.  She tips forward Toward outstretched arms, And howling [...]

Ode to the Erased Words

(you were heinous) You look lovely! So sorry you couldn’t find a place in this metropolis of stanzas towering tall that we’ve built! (more like built itself from the casualties) What? Oh, it’s nothing that concerns you.  Look we dedicated a bench to you in this park!  Well you see no one’s here because it’s [...]

Prodigal Poem

Mama I’ve been out shouting with the Spoken Words, raised my cardboard sign ‘til my throat bled screws and I coughed up rust.  They were woven out of black holes they filled with drinks from the Limericks’ alehouse crooning blues like upbeat tunes.  Mama they’re mockingbirds with their wings cut off.  The Beats taught me [...]