Time is a form of measurement
A scale of days and nights
That passes with the seasons
Reference dates for reasons—
Treatises and treasons
Passing, neverlasting, into everlasting
Casting chronological crowns to kings that
Mark moments of strife that redefine striving
For gold and growing older…
Aging and raging, time dies and revives
Cuts ties and binds, in a ring that lasts
Forever for the promise of life.

About the Author

Simeon Walther has eclectic range of writing content. He has a clever and concise way of synthesizing complex ideas around a common theme. In his short stories, Simeon adds an introspective lens to commonplace experiences. His style of writing is not only intriguing but thought provoking as well. Ultimately, his work aims to pave the way for the reader to reflect on society and their place in it.

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