The Rescuer

All this noise

Cannot keep poise

Of who I am and me

Dancing through

The pain, the travesty

Only back to feeling lonely

Where was I taught

To hide such parts of me

Where was I fought

In this ever changing pain and me

For if I do not figure this out

There will be


Lost at sea

Forever more

Never truly being seen

By others, myself, God, and life

Truly forever lost at sea

This fight is as real as anything

Oh for someone to know

For someone to grow

And live and change with me

For I long for connection

I long for regression

Into someone more like me

This time free

Oh to understand and see

If I can just 

Keep up this fuss

Up long enough so that I first can see

Heal, be real

Ungodly life script

Uncover my true identity

Only done through being grounded


In the lens of

Of how God is seeing me


Through Christ His Son

Whom is placed, whom erased;

Ever reigning Victory

Glory in this story

Laying down His holy, righteous life


For the least of these

The hurting, broken


And that was me

Oh can’t you see?



About the Author

Lauren Amico is a nursing student at Eastern University. She loves to write, and even though she grew up around cats, she thinks dogs are the best. Growing succulent plants, cooking, and finding the right way to be are some of her hobbies.

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