Crush: Revised

What would they say if they knew 

I stare at you across the pew 

You beam so bright in Sunday Best 

You look so lovely in that 


Your southern accent sweet and strong 

Your curly hair so red and 


We passed the noisy evening hours 

With earthly talk of homework flowers 

Pistal, stamen, stem and petal 

Nature’s plan

My mouth tastes metal 

Male and female flower parts 

I feel the crumble of my heart 

I’m at a loss for what to say 

It settles in…. I might be

in love

I cannot utter sacred words 

I know they tell me this love burns 

But I would risk the hellish slurs 

To hold heaven in those arms of 


About the Author

Laurel Marchaven is a sophomore Communications Major at Eastern University. She loves poetry, strangely-shaped teapots, and hoarding notebooks like a dragon.

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