Morning in Fairyland

Dew glistened on fine harp strings.

Sun shone off white hair and pale skin.

Music flew from fingertips.

Trees sway in rhythm like a dance.

Jewels sparkle like drops of moonlight.

Pure notes escape ruby lips.

Birds flock in the green canopy of trees,

at the chime of a bell, the music stops.


All is quiet, calm, serene.

Naomi Roth is a Fantasy and Science Fiction writer. She primarily writes novels but also writes poetry. She hopes to get published, among some of her favorite authors, by Tor/Forge. Her favorite author is Brandon Sanderson and he has been a large inspiration to her as a writer and a fan. She has a blog which focuses on topics such as introversion, personality types, books/reviews, and much more. You can follow her blog at and her twitter @RealEvilHolmes.

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