in the morning, love

turn on the grateful dead.

& twist your hair into braids. 

lace up your boots, 

eye your fuzzy unshaven legs, 

love yourself a little bit more in that moment. 

glance at your tattoo,

a reminder to take life as it comes. 

reflect on the difficulties you have overcome, 

love yourself a little bit more in that moment. 

these things help you come back to yourself.

sip your coffee, 

glance at your lennon-mccartney t-shirt, 

which declares “all you need is love” 

maybe it is that simple,

coming home to yourself — 



hairy legs, 

oversized t-shirts,

all that, and everything else. 

loving yourself. 

maybe it starts new every morning.


Becca is a senior psychology major at Eastern. She is interested in the relationships between nature, environmentalism, and mental health. She enjoys yoga, writing, reading, getting tattoos, and doing anything outdoors (especially hiking!). Most of her poetry was written during her time at the Oregon Extension, a study away program based in Southern Oregon.

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