If I Were a Color

If you ever paint me, paint me in a storm. Streak my memory across the swirling sky like streaks of flashing lightning. Let my echoing be painted as the rain that runs upon their rooftops. I have felt like a day without a sunset. I am the wailing of an untouched canvas. My heartbeat reminds me of [...]

Nature is a Church

  Nature is a church.  The sun shines its glorious rays,  Light cascading down on the Earth,  Like the harmonies of angels.   Nature is a church.  The trees stand in ancient worship,  Their limbs a steeple  That can only be observed in awe and wonder.    Nature is a church.  Her soil is sacred [...]

in the morning, love

turn on the grateful dead. & twist your hair into braids.  lace up your boots,  eye your fuzzy unshaven legs,  love yourself a little bit more in that moment.  glance at your tattoo, a reminder to take life as it comes.  reflect on the difficulties you have overcome,  love yourself a little bit more in [...]

An Apology To My Bathroom 

Sorry. A five letter word.A word that can be used as glue to mend a broken promise. That can make you think that a wrong has been righted,because with just a single sorry everything is right back to how it was. Forgetting that there ever was a cause,entering a new phase like Dorothy in the wizard of [...]