My Head is Full of Color

My head is full of Color,

It’s not just black and white,

It’s having steadfast sight ,

To let  the fearless heart take flight, 

When hatred is made to seem right.

My head is full of color,

Some people say I’m bat blind, 

Well hatred I can’t be defined

As strong when love is assigned,

Because love shatters crippling color lines.

My head is full of color,

All sorts of picturesque people I see,

Loving each other on different degrees,

A powerful preeminence has set them free,

Never reducing a life to hang from a tree.

My head is so full of color,

Casting a line in a sea of people so sublime,

Challenging the carnivorous minds celebrating crimes

Against humanity drunkenly dazed with deceivable wine

Drafted by rhetoric and desensitized by a vicious lie, 

Come clean earth’s creature into a new time.

You see my head is so full of color,

And everyone is already accepted here,

Childlike we erase what carelessly separate our cares,

With collaboration it becomes crystal clear,

That heaven is so full of colors just like earth my dear

About the Author

Martina Mitchell is a senior at Eastern University. She has been writing since the age of seven. A lover of books and time to write is her favorite way to spend her free time. Martina is married, the mother of three beautiful daughters, she has eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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