Shake Well for Best Taste


and on the table

a Bagel With Jelly 

an Empty Plastic Cup

a Small Red Book

we read the last words on the page

Tempests dash by my darting eyes.

orange juice carton says Shake Well

and we know dad buys oj with

Lots Of Pulp so we Shake Really Well

pass it back and forth and try

to recite the line

Tempests darting by my eyes dash.


Darting eyes by my tempests dash.


it nearly slips through our fingers

spilled a little cap’s not on

Tight Enough now all we feel

is Sticky Cold with Lots of Pulp

not done yet our arms

aren’t sore

Dash by my eyes, darting tempests.


My eyes’ tempests dash by, darting.


By my eyes dash darting tempests.


Toaster Smell is gone

Bagel With Jelly likely Not Warm

oj is almost done our shoes 

stick all we see is Orange Color tangled

hair swirled up moves faster and faster

By darting tempests, my eyes dash.


Tempests, my eyes, by darting, dash.


My darting eyes dash by tempests.


Eyes tempests by my dash, darting.



dances on our tongue we are done

Empty Plastic Cup is full

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