Gate 70

When the underpaid TSA agent in the royal blue button up starts to cup your thighs you stop breathing. You start to wish that the x-ray contraption saw that you, in fact, did not have a bomb in your underpants. You stare at the plane outside the gate in front of you-- you want to [...]

A Cardi B Remix

“You don’t get it. My Abuela will grab me by the testiculos and threaten to deport me to the Lord’s Hell if I bring home a man.” Alex prepared his Abuela impression with a hand on his hip and his head cocked to the left. “Alejandro, ¿por qué no puedes ser como tu hermano Mateo [...]


the hot breath that breached out of his mouth sent shivers down my naked body saliva that was not my own seeped into my mouth his enlarged hands gripped my ribcage pulling me closer like a fisherman reeling in his next meal like a vacuum cleaner getting its cord wrapped up all nice and neat [...]

Losing Brogan

“Kelsey,” I heard my mom shout from the living room. The only reason why my mom would call me by my first name would be because an apocalypse was approaching or that I forgot to wash the dishes. I scooted off the mint binder that was resting between my thighs and rustled the AP World [...]